Twitter Allows Blue Account Holders To Download Videos Shared By Other Subscribers On X

The rebranding of Twitter to X had a lot of users skeptical and wondering what benefits could this change really bring into their life.

Well now, if you happen to be a Blue subscriber, things are bound to get simpler. It’s all thanks to a new update that was rolled out by the company today which says those that pay are going to get more benefits.

The change is out and the news was verified by the Help Center at X who came up with the title that spoke about sharing and watching videos on the app. This handy article was really designed to make the user experience a pleasurable one.

Moreover, this update added how all new types of video content would be up for grabs for installs until the person putting out the content decides to take a step back. Similarly, there is no age limit attached and if the user’s account is under the 18-year age limit, then tough luck as your posts wouldn’t get turned on.

Meanwhile, if you happen to have a Twitter Blue account subscription that is put on private then there’s no one, other than a usual subscriber that has the permission to follow that can now see which video has been up for views. Similarly, they’re the same lot that can download it as well.

In case you wish to come out of this theory that your video would be downloaded, you may do that on a tweet-related basis as there are no settings outlined on any page.

Other than those few cases, there is not going to be any sort of limitation mentioned over here for any video downloads. Remember, X, is giving users the freedom to put up videos that are two hours long. And that’s a major thing for Blue Members. Remember, it’s been facing a lot of criticism in the past for reducing the limit to such a short timespan that people couldn’t watch any long content without getting into some sort of legal trouble.

As it is, Elon Musk says he is trying hard to make his app one that creators coming back for more. And that can only be done through the addition of new changes such as revenue sharing through advertisements.

Meanwhile, incorporating video downloads ensures X is better in line with a long list of short social media apps such as TikTok. And for a matter of fact, the same goes for Instagram, which also enables users to install videos.

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