Twitter’s Biggest Rival App Threads Continues To Decline As Active Users Drop By 74% Despite Explosive Launch

Elon Musk will be delighted to hear this next piece of news regarding Meta’s text-based app called Threads.

Top app trackers have delineated that despite a huge launch with millions signing up to use Twitter’s biggest rival platform, Threads is continuing to display a decline in user performance. We’re talking figures that have shown a drop comprising 74%.

To be more specific and better put things into perspective, that’s a huge drop in users getting active on a daily basis. So far, the figures for Android showed a fall of 12.6 million as per recent stats from SimilarWeb, one of the world’s leading and reliable web traffic trackers.

When the launch arose to this day, the figures fell from 49 million to 12.6 million. The latter is also said to represent 12% of the Twitter app’s audience across all Android devices out there. Additionally, the time that users are spending on the platform is also falling downwards.

SimilarWeb outlined how American users that make use of Android devices spent 21 minutes on the app. The latter is related to the start of the launch date. Today, it’s a completely different picture altogether.

The figures are showing how people are spending five minutes or even less than that on Threads. But if you compare that with Elon Musk’s Twitter app, it’s a remarkable contrast because Twitter users, on average, spend nearly 25 minutes each day.

This past week, we saw Sensor Tower also delineate a very similar figure for Threads, clearly showcasing how the declining trend is very prominent.

For now, there are yet to be any figures outlined for iOS users but the app trackers do feel it’s a similar picture there too and nothing better or more promising would be displayed.
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It’s all a little shocking because Threads did have the most rocket-fueled type of beginning and there were some close ties to Instagram who really boosted the platform further, thanks to its user base and established success.

But keeping in mind the great many loopholes in terms of missing features, it seems like Meta has plenty of work to do if it really wishes to keep on the bandwagon of success as the competition out there today is massive.

There also needs to be more unique elements, as users rightly pointed out to Adam Mosseri. Only then can we see more people returning and using the app more frequently than before.

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