UNESCO Urges Schools To Get Rid Of Smartphones From Classrooms Before it’s Too Late

UNESCO is issuing an important announcement for schools around the world to wake up and ensure smartphones are not used in classrooms, until and unless it’s absolutely necessary.

They went on to explain the hazards of this behavior and how technology may seem to be helpful at times but when over-utilized or used for the wrong reasons, things can turn into a dangerous situation.

It gave out the simplest of examples including how the addition of a smartphone in the classroom that started to buzz or produce alerts on a routine basis was a simple form of distraction that keeps students away from focusing on their work.

Moreover, one study went about stating how it might end up taking 20 minutes for them to get back on track and regain focus after such distractions are eliminated. So when you come to think of it, that’s a huge chunk of time lost on a certain subject’s lesson.

Speaking in detail about the latest Education Monitoring Report, they went on to reference a certain research article that looked at certain places in Europe and those that ended up ridding devices from classes. And that was the point where it found that so many outcomes got better with time and that was true in cases where people started to fall behind others in the same room.

A specific warning was delineated including how the digital evolution of today carries immense potential but certain warnings continue to be raised on the subject including regulation and more attention being provided to the various means it is utilized in the educational field.

Today, around one-fourth of the world has implemented bans on such devices and it’s now a part of the state law to stop usage of phones in the classroom. Moreover, today bans around Asia were designated as being super common. Common places where rules are quite stringent included the likes of Singapore as well as Bangladesh, yet, it’s interesting how kids are still allowed to take their devices to class.

Meanwhile, other places where you can find such devices banned included the likes of Germany, the US, France, and even Denmark. Moreover, some nations have gone one step ahead and banned a few apps too, thanks to the many privacy concerns they might be having on the subject. We are already away of certain states in Germany moving ahead with this ban on Microsoft’s offerings too.

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