Meta Tests New Changes For Its Instagram And Threads App Including Better Media Quality Settings

Meta is on a roll and has been for a while now, thanks to the launch of its Twitter rival app called Threads.

But it did not take long for many people to realize that Threads’ start may have been explosive but users needed more than just that to continue lingering on the platform.

Hence, desperate times call for desperate measures, and to ensure more people stop leaving the platform, the company has rolled out a series of new features that we’ve been witness to over the past few days.

Today, thanks to social media expert Alessandro Paluzzi, we’re hearing about another change regarding how the tech giant is paving the way for better media quality settings for Threads.

This means saying hello to putting out media posts with top-of-the-range quality and not worrying about it getting distorted when viewers take a look. While we don’t think this was a very much anticipated feature, it’s better than nothing and we hope people appreciate the rollout as much as Meta does.

Next up, Alessandro was also able to note down on his Twitter account how Meta is also working toward enhancing its Instagram platform after many complained about a lack of translation services available.

The latest on this front seems to be related to the app rolling out a new feature that entails the translation of whole broadcast channels. Users can avail of this feature by heading over to channel controls and clicking on translate an entire channel. So all messages in the future would be auto-translated.

Both of these offerings are going to be up for grabs soon but when is a question that even we’re not sure about as the firm is yet to speak in detail about the rollout.

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