The New Threads App By Meta Is Blowing Up By Nearing 100 Million Downloads And Here’s Why People Can't Get Enough

Meta’s Threads app has unexpectedly managed to gain widespread success across the board.

Today, it’s been exactly two days since the launch and we’re seeing the successful roll-out get a whopping 70 and then 98 million downloads in no time.

But Twitter is obviously not taking the news well as many feel this could be the end of the platform because of how similar both apps are. Moreover, the hassle-free approach used in this regard to attaining a signup including how it’s linked to your Instagram account is another factor that people are loving.

Yesterday, Twitter’s lawyer sent out a clear message to Meta’s CEO that they would be pursuing legal action based upon the fact that this platform is a complete copy of Twitter and they feel that while competition is appreciated, cheating is not.

But Meta’s CEO is not letting Twitter’s insecurities bug him too much. He says that the app exceeded the company’s expectations and now, the goal is to bring about more changes and features that would keep users coming back for more.

Those who feel the new app is Twitter’s replica need to think again because that’s far from the reality of the situation. Remember, Threads sent out a message from the company head who says that the focus wouldn’t be on news and political debates like Twitter. They hope to go in a completely opposite direction.

Just to give you a better understanding of the mega success it has attained in a two-day span, even the world’s leading apps couldn’t make the breakthrough records and success it has attained.

Remember, ChatGPT got 100 million users in two months while TikTok got 100 million downloads in 9 months. Meanwhile, Meta’s own Instagram attained 100 million downloads in just 2.5 years.

So as you can see, Meta’s Threads getting 100 million users in two days is blowing people’s minds, including that of Elon Musk. Did we mention the fact that these are users hailing from the region outside of the European Union? So you can only imagine how big of a deal and celebration of success it is for billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

Seeing the way Twitter has generated a response to the competition was expected. No one wants to lose through the hands of another competing platform, and Musk isn’t too great at accepting loss either.

Now the question is related to why Threads is blowing up at the immense rate that is. We know by now that it’s got a sweet spot in the hearts of many but what’s the reason?

Well, experts have sat down and provided some of the leading reasons why. For starters, it may be simple but at least it’s offering credibility. And in today’s day and age, it’s rare and something that so many people look forward to.

Meta is a leader that has so many successful apps under its platform and that gives users some security. Next, the app is giving you the chance to mingle with the same people you love and follow on Instagram. Hence, no worries about starting from scratch or having a fresh beginning many find daunting.

Thirdly, the app has a very strong praise-worth algorithm that functions by default without the need for you to add data. So from day one, you’re provided with great content without even leaving hints.

Fourthly, people are sick and tired of Twitter and needed a way out. Threads seem to be doing just fine in that area. And last but not least, it’s simple to use and sign up for with zero strings attached.

When there’s so much up for grabs, you can only imagine why people are falling in love.

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