Meta Tells Threads Users To Be Patient As It Releases New List Of Exciting Features For Launch

Just when you thought the Threads app by Meta couldn’t get any better comes a long list of features that are sure to put a big smile across users’ faces.

Many people did feel that the app was falling short of some basic necessities including the annoying ordeal of not being able to delete accounts, until and unless you’re willing to let your Instagram account go.

But the company’s head, Adam Mosseri says that a little patience does truly go a long way as the firm gears up for the launch of a long list of features that users can grab their hands on very soon.

So far, we know that there are bits of similarities between Twitter and Instagram and that this platform is based on text. But what else can people expect is something worth pondering upon?

Mosseri says he’s playing an active role in terms of getting feedback from users of the app and what they’d like to see added and what issues they might be facing so far. And we’ve lined up his findings for you below including the much-anticipated rollout of features to arrive very soon.

For starters, you’ll be allowed to edit Threads thankfully, allowing users to breathe a huge sigh of relief. It’s unlike Twitter you really had people crying before it opted to launch an Edit feature where they could Edit tweets.

Next up, all hashtags allowed on the platform would be clickable and you can also have an option for muli-accounts that have been in demand for so long. Similarly, you’ll soon be allowed to see posts only from people you follow on your newsfeed and an enhanced search feature through which you can find any Thread with ease through a simple search bar.

Other than that, Mosseri adds that a complete version of the app on the web would also be arriving soon as is a separate section being allocated for trending affairs.

GIFs on Threads have been in demand too so that’s coming as is the ability to tag your loved ones and friends and even pin your favorite threads too. Woah, we’re loving the news already, what about you?

Those having difficulty communicating in English can soon use the translation feature and Mosseri even spoke about the addition of sharing through Direct means on the Instagram app.

As you can tell, people kept on adding so many different kinds of suggestions and it’s clear that it’s really difficult to add them all. But the way the app has taken up user feedback with a smile is bound to hold a special place in people’s hearts.

And if that was not enough, the tech giant says it’s busy rolling out a new beta program for those on Android. The news was confirmed by the engineer of the firm who says that it’s designed to provide some with early access to a bucketload of endeavors as well as bug fixes.

Similar to other launches of this kind, there’s a greater risk factor linked to installing something that is categorized as unstable.

The app was rolled out two days back and since then, we’re seeing the figure of users reach the 86 million mark. And yes, it’s far from perfect and Meta Zuckerberg and his team know that and acknowledge it.

This is why they are taking painstaking efforts to try and incorporate features like DMs, account deletions, multiple accounts, thread pins, and more so that it turns out to be the best version that it can be at the end of the day.

To get on the waiting list for this new Beta, you just need to have an Android device, that’s it!

H/T: Neowin

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