Shockwaves Around The World After French Police Given Green Light To Spy On People

The authorities in France have legalized spying by the police for the sake of curbing criminal activity.

The new law was recently passed into a bill that was approved on Thursday. And as you can imagine, it’s creating shock around the globe.

The country has received plenty of criticism for the ongoing protests and riots that have disturbed the nation in light of the harrowing incident involving the murder of an Algerian national by one of its own law enforcement members.

Hence, you can only imagine how this sort of news is being taken by citizens who are told that the police hold the right to spy on them through phones, GPS, microphones, and other tools used for surveillance purposes.

Moreover, a judge would be required to approve such powers first and this new law that’s being hailed is going to be applicable to various members of society. And among those excluded are the likes of media personnel, lawyers, and others pertaining to sensitive members of society. This was confirmed by a recently published report seen in Le Monde.

Such precautions are being taken to also focus on serious cases and would go on up to a period of six months. Moreover, the country’s lawmakers did confirm how geolocation would be restricted to the likes of crimes which are usually punishable with a prison sentence of five years, it explained.

Meanwhile, one older version of this law had seen the likes of the Senate where it was approved but then, it is still in need of a green light from the legislative body, right before it could turn into a proper law.

As a result of this, those in favor of civil liberties are getting warned. For instance, we recently saw one group come forward and speak about how such behavior gives room for abuse to occur as no checks and balances can be kept in a transparent manner.

Let’s not forget how much bills fail to delineate what sorts of crimes are included while there are more fears about how government officials might end up targeting those working as activists as well as those who are non-threatening to society.

In the same manner, the firm noted how such policies linked to security might expand to include crimes that aren’t even dangerous. For example, things like genetic registrations were often used for the purpose of identifying crime perpetrators of abuse but now, it’s for all crimes under the sun.

In the same manner, the group went on to add how such forms of remote access totally depend upon vulnerabilities and threats. The cops would be able to take advantage of loopholes in the security system. But instead, they should actually be highlighting what solutions need to be implemented and how such issues need to be fixed before it’s too late.

A top French judge claims that such powers will be utilized for the sake of so many cases each year. Moreover, this happens to be a historic moment of pride as it would save lives.

The news of this new law being passed into the country’s bill comes at a time when we see people voicing concerns against the likes of the country’s own government spying on citizens and using devices for the sake of surveillance that robs them of their privacy. There’s a major backlash involved here and the matter is very controversial and that’s why such a law is again raising eyebrows for the same reason. What do you think?

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