GPT-4 Becomes Available For All Developers Having Paid API Access

A few months back, we saw tech giant OpenAI rolled out the newest variant of its much-talked-about AI tool, GPT-4.

But in the month of March, this was solely restricted to a few developers who signed up for the tool through a waitlist. Moreover, this also happened to be up for grabs for those with ChatGPT Plus because it entailed all those individuals paying but again, it was limited.

And for those who don’t know, Microsoft also uses the latest variant for its AI-powered Bing Search too. But now, we’re hearing more good news from the makers of ChatGPT about a general launch of the latest variant for all developers having paid API access.

The news was published in the firm’s own blog in the form of a post where they delineated how all current API developers that have carried out payments for API access for GPT-4 would be given the benefit to use it, alongside 8K content. They also spoke about opening up access to other developers toward this month’s end, where they would begin increasing the rate limit, moments after it. This was all dependent upon the availability of computing sources.

The post further spoke about how OpenAI is trying hard to launch all of its remaining APIs accessible in a similar manner, beginning today. This entails the GPT-3.5 Turbo variant, DALL-E Image Generator, and more. Last, but not least, it hoped to enable the fine-tuning of its APIs so that they would be up for grabs to other developers by this year’s end.

Remember, OpenAI was seen rolling out Chat Completions API as well at the start of this year. This is so that developers could create chat endeavors and a long range of tasks for the sake of completion.

Today, this same task ends up using 97% of their API GPT limit, it added. And therefore, it hopes to get rid of older variants that utilize Completions API by the start of next year.

Therefore, all of those developers out there today that were using older ChatGPT variants would be required to transfer over to the newer model by early next year too, it revealed.

So far, things are looking promising but again, paid APIs are a controversial topic that not a lot of people enjoy talking about. Nevertheless, with apps like Twitter and more using the endeavor, why would other tech giants not jump on the bandwagon, right?

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