OpenAI And Google Will Soon Be Challenged By Apple’s New GPT Chatbot As Company Begins Testing Phase

Apple is paving the way for more competition in the world of AI as the leading iPhone maker is reportedly testing out its own GPT chatbot.

The brand new AI tool would serve as a major challenge to various tech giants including OpenAI as well as Google who already have established successful AI chatbots that users are quite fond of.

The news was confirmed by tech expert from Bloomberg Mark Gurman today who says the Cupertino firm is racing ahead to get the project on the road. It’s dubbed Apple GPT but that’s all we know about it so far.

Moreover, some insider reports are talking about how Apple might be unveiling the news that’s kept undercover for now, by next year. But things are certainly going strong as the tech giant makes way for testing of this right now.

Apple has really created an interesting system that’s dubbed Ajax and that is used to produce huge language models that are made using AI technology. These are similar to what OpenAI and Google Bard are offering.

Ajax would be running on the likes of Google Cloud and that was designed using Google’s JAX endeavor. Moreover, it’s believed that Apple would make use of this to produce some more language models that would serve as a base for a tool that’s so similar to the workings of ChatGPT.

The initial launch for the chatbot was stopped for the time being and that’s due to issues linked to security regarding the Generative AI world. Since then, we saw it get available for quite a few workers at Apple.

While most employees continue to obtain access to the technology that’s exclusive, it first needs the right support. For now, the technology cannot be utilized for creating client features.

Workers at Apple are making use of this chatbot so that it could better assist with the likes of prototyping. Moreover, this chatbot would be used for summarizing text as well as answering queries linked to data used to train it.

We can see how it’s going to be awfully similar to Google’s Bard, Microsoft’s Bing, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. After all, it is yet to be declared as having more features that distinguish it from those things available for commercial purposes.

The news comes as tech giant Apple has really been working hard to get on track with Generative AI. similarly, we’ve got reports showing how Apple is posting so many job postings as well that are linked to huge language models as well as the world of generative AI.

So many firms such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta are really at the top of the game in terms of launching such products to the general public. Therefore, it’s about time that Apple joined in because it’s been silent for way too long in this regard.

We’ve seen it launch several features linked to AI, regarding both products as well as apps for so many years. Moreover, the news of its Apple GPT chatbot is a clear indication of how keen it is on making the most of AI tools that it feels would assist with things like taking pictures and producing essays too.

Meanwhile, the report by Mark Gurman claims that the leading iPhone maker continues to focus more on addressing issues related to privacy matters and its link to the AI world. But Apple’s CEO stated recently how it was going to work hard and add several AI features to its products and that would only be done in the most thoughtful or mindful of ways.

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