Twitter All Set To Replace Its TweetDeck Feature With New Delegates Functionality In The Main App

Twitter is making users happy after announcing today how it would be rolling out a new Delegates functionality across its main platform.

The tech giant says that this would soon be replacing the TweetDeck feature as the latter would turn into a feature that’s solely reserved for just those with paid subscriptions.

The news comes to us thanks to Twitter Daily News where a few users would now be attaining access to the rollout on the main platform and it’s going to be just like TweetDeck teams.

Through the Delegates feature, users would be given the chance to allocate permission for accounts to others on the app. This would allow them to publish on selective accounts and would be so much easier when you manage the entire process.

A leading matter that is concerning has to do with how Twitter is transferring its TweetDeck for Blue Subscription holders only. The latter would mean that so many people would no longer have access to Teams and that’s not good. So many users are relying on that to manage the app better.

But it appears that Delegates would fulfill the void being left behind, even if it’s only for those that are not paying. The app is working hard to provide updates and revamps regarding this new decision of making Tweetdeck an exclusively paid feature.

Hence, it’s definitely great news for those using TweetDeck currently. But we do feel things would be better if and when some more analytics-related tools were launched as it would add value and provide another reason why people should become paid Blue subscribers in the first place.

The incentives for being a Blue Subscriber are very less at the moment and that is the real reason why people feel so less motivated to pay the monthly $8 per month to be verified.

Getting rid of the old system for conducting verifications was never a great decision and that ended up causing so much more confusion on the app, alongside misrepresentation. Meanwhile, a lot of analytics-based tools owned by the app’s third parties are putting out greater functionality than the platform itself. And the latter may soon add those to its business endeavors so as to produce a better appeal for Blue Subscriptions and the Twitter Business Plan.

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