Meta Forced To Rethink Its Business Model After Its AR Projects Fail To Impress

Meta is trying hard to carry on with its push toward its metaverse and that means launching AR products with the hopes of it attaining success.

However, we’re now seeing the tech giant rethink its strategies because so far, all digital wearables aren’t exactly giving the results it had once anticipated.

We saw the tech giant roll out a new offer that entailed Ray Ban Stories but that’s going to be seeing more delay as results fail to go as planned.

The news comes to us thanks to data from The Information where the leading tech firm mentioned how the challenges are plenty linked to AR products and the display elements that go with them. The use of intricately designed LED technology is not a cup of tea but it was predicted to produce results that would serve as an edge over other rivals in the industry.

In the year 2020, the company purchased Plessey and had great hopes for success. After all, the latter was a huge name in the world of micro LEDs, providing the company with unlimited access to a huge part of the AR glasses product. Similarly, this meant that complete access would deny Apple its share of making the most of the technology that Plessey was offering, and that served as a major source of competition.

But not everything went as smoothly as Meta’s CEO had hoped and now, we’re hearing more about how technology couldn’t get involved in Meta’s use as planned. Therefore, Facebook’s parent firm says it’s now adopting display of a lower resolution, similar to others in the industry who produce AR wearable products.

So the lead that Meta had anticipated in terms of the AR race couldn’t be achieved and that may be its respective endeavors and dreams of being a leader in today’s fierce AR sector. What’s even worse is how leading iPhone maker Apple is trying to shift to the next era with its own AR products including the much-hyped VisionPro device that’s going to be up for grabs as early as next year.

We can see VisionPro turning into a lesser variant of Meta’s Quest offering but that too, with a much higher price tag attached. But seeing Apple make this tech shift has experts in the industry excited and that may allow it to lead the way to another realm of mixed reality endeavors.

The project called Orion of Meta features AR glasses that would play a key part in going against the hype associated with it and would provide some stylish products that would transform the entire aspect of enhancements linked to it. However, that comes with issues related to compatibility, and high costs that Meta is really struggling with.

Meta says it’s surrounded by so many limitations that could really slow it down but it’s still going ahead with it, despite making key amendments.

The project is expected to launch by 2027 while the first batch of AR wearables in the form of glasses will be launched to developers by 2024. Hence, it’s not giving up hope, just yet.

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