More Jobs In Danger As AI-Based Systems Continue To Dominate With Further Advancements

The world of AI is turning out to be a daunting ordeal for obvious reasons.

While many tech experts agree that it’s super helpful, we can no longer ignore the cons that come with it. Think along the lines of protection of jobs won’t be as simple as 123 because AI-based systems are getting more advanced and it won’t be long until they start to rule the world.

The news comes to us from the head of the UK Government’s task force that has been given the responsibility to handle the world of AI in the country.

Ian Hogarth explained how it’s no longer such a simple matter because more and more jobs are featuring automated ordeals and that means saying hello to more competition from robots than humans.

He further addressed the concerning matter while speaking for an interview on BBC that people need to start reevaluating what they’re doing and really raise the bar in terms of what they are offering because slacking off just won’t cut it anymore.

Similarly, he shed light on how the world is being affected by advancements in technology and how that can impact the future. As it is, there have been plenty of reports regarding people losing their jobs and how firms are preferring to make use of AI tools over manpower because of more reliability, ease, and low costs.

On average, alarming predictions are being made including how such technology might make so many of us unemployed and how it can really impact the future in one way or the other.

There have been a lot of reports about 10k jobs being slashed in the UK soon due to this abrupt adoption of the world of AI. At the same time, we’ve got news about how more human jobs would cease to exist as did the evolution of the world wide web.

Hogarth who himself works as a keen investor in the world of AI and a top entrepreneur in technology mentioned how the main objective right now is that these task forces were actually set up to benefit the masses and ensure the government remains safe from the high level of threat or risks linked to them. It was similarly designed to hold people accountable for their deeds, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed for a while.

The great risk of harm linked to the AI world is always at a high and no one wants to arrest the wrong culprits. Hence, this is where these task forces seek assistance.

Even he feels that no warnings linked to the world of AI should ever be dismissed because you never really know how it might come back to bite the country later on. For him, exercising precautionary measures is the way to go. And no matter what, AI has its benefits but its drawbacks must never be ignored.

The news comes as the makers of ChatGPT revealed how they would be making their first office in London while the country’s Prime Minister has himself expressed keen interest in keeping AI as a leading priority for obvious reasons.

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