Meta Updates Threads With New Noteworthy Features And Here’s What Users Can Expect

Meta’s golden platform Threads saw an explosive start two weeks back when it was first rolled out for the masses. The number of downloads exceeded 100 million in no time but users did feel there was plenty of room for improvement.

Many users started to make lists that addressed Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri directly. The idea was to get constructive criticism as he wanted users to remain on the platform and not disappear or feel like their voices were not being heard.

Now, we’re seeing Meta carry out a new update for Threads with some noteworthy features.

The update would be for the app’s iOS version for now and this is the second one since it was rolled out 14 days back. Moreover, it’s going to be the first of many features that people have been anticipating for so long.

As per a recently published post by one noteworthy developer on the app, this new update would entail a series of minor changes and one very notable feature that was missing for so long. And in case you are yet to guess by now, we’re talking about Translations.

The Threads platform is up for grabs in so many nations around the globe. And the EU is the sole big exception. The latter has to do with the platform regarding a dispute over regulations that limits advertising over there.

As one can imagine, the chance to carry out translations of posts in various languages would be invaluable for obvious reasons on a very famous app that’s international. But we have to note that Instagram carrying out its own share of translations of posts isn’t exactly the best from what we’ve seen.

Beyond this, we’re seeing the app adds a new tab called Follows that can be found on the feed which is the name given to the part that handles interactions such as mentions as well as replies.

The only problem is that it’s not too exciting for obvious reasons as it only enables you to display the newest figure of followers on your Threads platform.

This new update adds a series of improvements to the feed and that includes reposter stickers that can be tapped and also the chance to take on a subscription for unfollowed users. Lastly, we’re hearing more about the chance to gain entry to lists featuring Instagram followers for any given person.

This update is up for grabs right now so be sure to take advantage of it when you want. Moreover, in case you’re not being able to gain access to it, you might need to restart or update the app and wait a while till it appears.

We know that Meta’s new app is very clever in terms of being a new app but it does not have many of the great useful features that users would call out as super useful. However, there’s a lot in store, as confirmed by Adam Mosseri who says that a little patience would be worth it for subscribers in the end.

Some features that are yet to be included but are in high demand include the missing alt text that was not present at the launch. This and more accessibility rollouts need to arrive soon because users feel it’s just basic knowledge to have those on board whenever you’re dealing with a new social media platform of this magnitude.

As it is, known rivals of Threads like Mastodon and Bluesky have it and it can be customized as well for things like descriptions on pictures. Hence, fingers are crossed for a rollout soon.

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