Microsoft Confirms Its Bing And Bing Chat Will Continue To Be Free For All Users

A lot of Bing users became awfully concerned recently when computational giant Microsoft revealed that it would be taking out an enterprise variant for the powerful AI chatbot Bing Chat.

Some individuals thought this would be the start of the end of the free version. But the company’s CEO has confirmed that this is simply not the case. He took to his account on Twitter to reiterate that Bing Chat will continue to be offered for free to all.

Obviously, any individual wanting to gain more benefits in the form of added privacy can take out extra money and attain the paid version of the platform. But the average individual who isn’t worried about that will use the chat for free, alongside Bing Search.

So the common accessible variant is free as usual and don’t let anyone confuse you otherwise.

The enterprise version is designed for those wishing to attain a new edge and conduct seamless chats while keeping data they regard as top secret safe.

And it makes sense why Bing opted to unveil another variant for those dealing with enterprises. They’re much more different from the usual consumer ones and that has a lot to do with the unique needs of regular individuals versus that which is linked to us.

But computational giant Microsoft has taken on a unique journey that offers the best of both worlds to target specific niches. You’ve got the professional class of working individuals who need better security and you’ve got those who simply need a robust offering for daily use.

Hence, this upgrade for the enterprise variant isn’t and shouldn’t be seen as a threat from the firm for the free version but a confirmation that it is a top-tier AI competitor in today’s evolving tech market.

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