Microsoft Search Will Outgrow Google’s Search Revenue In The Next Three Years, New Research Claims

Computational giant Microsoft is on a roll this year with breakthrough performance and incredible launches taking center stage.

The company has also created its own variant of the Performance Max domain belonging to Google while also carrying out rebranding of its own retail platform called PromoteIQ. This combined with Xandr is developed into a new suite of apps that come under a banner called Microsoft Advertising.

All of these developments have caused a leading analyst company called New Street Research to make amendments to its advertising model.

The company even set out some interesting findings including how it predicts the tech giant to really outpace Google’s Search Revenue. The timeframe outlined is just three years but that means a rise in the market share being outlined would just be 60 basis points. Nevertheless, growth is growth, and seeing anyone beat out the likes of Google is a major call.

Predictions have to do with a recently published report by the software giant that was made public after an investigation arose when the FTC intervened in the famous Activision Blizzard purchase case.

This data revealed how the estimates for Bing search were achieving a growth worth 16%. But other kinds of advertising revenue grew by 11% and more.

Now, the research is making predictions of the revenue reaching the $10 billion mark, which represents a whopping 40% of the company advertising. But again, these estimates are for the year 2025.

The firm was seen speaking about how a number of integral features were launched as a part of the company’s Performance Max and that includes Product Ads, Predictive Targeting, and other innovative search ad solutions amongst many others.

The analysts mentioned in the report how the tech giant had just carried out a rebranding of its PromoteIQ as a part of its bigger effort to bring together features like display, video, ads, and search into one place.

Other than that, the company is working to globally expand its Store Ads along with Premium Search for Microsoft Store as well as Bing Search.

Advertisers will be given the chance to make the most of greater reach as Premium Search Ads go beyond the company’s Store. Now, they’ll be seen on Bing Search. This combined with more AI incorporations is bound to bring fruitful results in the future.

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