Microsoft All Set To Expand Its Bing Chat Further To Other Browsers Including Firefox, Safari, And Chrome

A few weeks back, we saw the CEO of Bing announce how the company was paving the way for the launch of Bing Chat across different browsers.

In case you were not already aware, Bing is currently available only on Microsoft Edge but that’s about to change very soon.

We are literally just weeks away from the much-anticipated rollout, the CEO confirmed through Twitter and that means gaining access to the chatbot through any browser may now be made so much simpler.

When questioned about whether the tool was coming to all third-party browsers, Mikhail Parakhin confirmed yes but at the moment, it’s all in the testing phase. Clearly, it’s a really smart move on the part of Microsoft because being restricted to a single browser like Microsoft Edge means less usage. But an overall expansion across the board means paving the way to much more use.

Before this Twitter post by Microsoft’s CEO, we heard some speculations being made by viewers on Reddit but the news was only confirmed by the computational giant a few days back.

Third-party browsers such as Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari are definitely used a lot more frequently than Edge by Microsoft. The latter was launched a whopping 14 years back, around 2009, but it clearly struggled to compete against industry giants like Chrome and Safari. The former holds a whopping 85% share of the total browser market, just to put things into perspective, making it the number one choice for all.

But it must be noted that while Bing was solely limited to use on Microsoft Edge, people did find alternate means to use the powerful AI tool on other browsing platforms but now, they won’t be required to do that with this breakthrough change.

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