Microsoft 365 Copilot Will Now Cost $30 Each Month On Top Of The Amount That Business Users Already Pay

Tech giant, Microsoft is not making a lot of users happy after it recently unveiled a new costly subscription plan for its AI-based Microsoft 365 Copilot program.

We are talking an estimated price of $30 each month above the figure that business users end up paying.

The Microsoft 365 Copilot program makes use of information that’s found online as well as the firm’s internal data where there is a good 600 clients such as top names in the market like GM and Goodyear.

For now, the software giant is yet to unveil when its new Copilot initiative would be up for grabs to the masses but one thing is for sure, it’s being highly anticipated as one of the leading endeavors as it has to do with technology by OpenAI.

The new price points that were rolled out on Tuesday at a high-profile conference by the company show how there is a strong demand for so many products in the corporate market where AI endeavors are offered. Moreover, the price points linked to running those were also discussed at the event.

But seeing such high prices is not making people happy but to attain access to the technology, they’re going to have to jet out a lot of funds which comes with great hesitation.

The news comes at a time when we’re seeing the world of AI do great and have a strong demand for technology. This might be one of the main reasons why Microsoft has so many high hopes attached to its AI endeavors which it feels would launch with a bang and turn out to be the firm’s biggest launch to date, with targets estimated to strike the $10 billion figure.

But again, it’s not an easy journey and let’s not forget how such offerings need expensive hardware in the form of costly computer chips as well as good quality and reliable computing power. The latter is needed for things such as answering queries, spreadsheets, producing slides, and creating future business models as well.

After the news was published, the stocks jumped to a new high as well, reaching the high mark of $359 across New York.

In other news, the firm says it’s going to be launching some features that were spoken about in the past like visual search for its Bing Chatbot. The latter would enable users to put out pictures and ask queries related to them or find more information on the matter.

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