Thousands Of Authors Unite And Sign Letter Accusing Top Tech Giants’ AI Models Of Stealing Their Writing

While AI chatbots turned into a raging phenomenon, we’re now hearing more news about how they might have been trained using illegal means.

For instance, take some time out and ask ChatGPT to write an essay in a certain style and you’ll be amazed at how well it does the job. The reason why is awfully simple. It’s linked to the fact that the models ended up taking in the work belonging to thousands of authors while it was being trained.

There was no one to stop the big names in the tech world from doing so because of how dominant of a role they have in the market today. But seeing someone take your work and call it their own is just theft of a whole new kind and some people claim they’ve had enough of the ordeal.

So many authors are now uniting in the figure of thousands and have opted to take a stand against this ordeal. They recently signed an open letter where top tech firms like OpenAI and Google are being addressed for the ingenuine act.

People want their compensation, be it financial or others, not to mention consent that was never taken before extracting data from their work and now seeing the models call it their own with great pride. As you can imagine, the authors are not happy.

The letter addressed how it’s uncalled for to see technologies getting addressed through this manner and it all getting mimicked and then reworded when the original idea was someone else’s, to begin with.

Today, the figure arises in millions where books, stories, posts, and more serve as meals nourishing AI systems in all of their glory. And they do it for free without any fear that they’d be held accountable for their actions, the open letter went on to add.

Today, so many AI developers fail to be held accountable over the matter. They don’t get any form of training and are never told to go to the right source of publishers and achieve licenses before taking their stuff. Not only is the behavior unethical nor is it legal but it’s happening and the authors urged how that’s no longer alright.

The court of law made it very clear in the US how such behavior is wrong for obvious reasons and making use of other people’s work for commercial purposes would no longer get excused or receive any form of exemption.

This is why the world of AI is called out for damaging the profession. This has to do with the fact that the market continues to be flooded with average content that’s produced by books written down by a machine and journalism pieces that depends on the work out there today.

Another example of the horror of AI is when low-quality written pieces made their way on the Amazon Best Seller list. This is also where publishers were bombarded with all kinds of work featuring content that was obtained through the likes of data scraping.

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