YouTube Is Back With An Array Of Exciting Rollouts Including New Volume Normalizers And 2x Playback Video Speed

YouTube is one platform that never ceases to amaze people. And today, the platform is making way for some more exciting features with an array of rollouts.

For starters, the company is going to launch volume normalizers that are designed to enhance the entire volume experience on the app and control the sudden outburst that some audio brings during video playing.

It’s definitely not a new or unique phenomenon as platforms such as Spotify and iOS Music have had it installed for some time now. But seeing it arise on YouTube would be a welcoming change by the masses for obvious reasons.

The company says it’s designed to prevent damage to users’ ears by ensuring they have a very balanced and subtle audio experience while seeing videos on the platform.

For those who might not be aware, the company combines content from so many creators, and due to this reason, it’s really hard to keep track and ensure a consistent audio frequency is maintained throughout the user experience. After all, there are billions of posts.

The volume levels tend to vary by a huge amount and that’s true when you shift from one post to the next. But thanks to the new and innovative tool that’s dubbed Stable Volume, you can say hello to a more subtle and balanced sound experience.

When you press the gear icon, you’ll be seeing a few options on display including captions and more. This is also where you’ll find this new feature and until now, there is no news on when we can expect a release and what other details about its features are. But we assume it’s linked to normalizing audio for video posts on the app.

Experts predict that when it’s in action, the Stable Volume would level out sound imbalances on different YouTube videos that you might be seeing. Moreover, a sudden surge in volume can alter a user’s entire experience when they are watching content online so to ensure that does not happen, YouTube is sticking to this rollout which we find is highly considerate but also a long time coming.

For now, it’s expected that the feature’s limitations would be awfully low at the start but within the next few days, it should get better. This is until and unless it’s a test.

But that’s not the only change that users can expect across the board. We’re also hearing about something else that’s rather interesting. This includes the company working on testing a new feature that would provide users with the chance to play videos on the platform at double the speed (2x).

The app seems to always be on the run to alter its service and carry out tests that it feels can benefit the entire user and creator community. Just recently we saw the video-sharing app speak about ways to crack down on spammers as well as ad blockers. After all, the latter is stopping the app from generating revenue through one of its most useful means- advertisements.

Similarly, some people noticed how the company was busy trying to launch a feature that would assist in video dubbing through the use of breakthrough AI technology. And yes, there was no mention or announcements regarding both of these but that might be linked to the fact that they’re just being seen as early tests and no launch date is up and ready for grabs just yet.

Hence, we’ll keep you posted when and if that happens. So until then, please stay tuned.

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