Google Silently Takes A Step Back From Creating A New AI-Based Mobile Chatbot App

Tech giant Google says it’s no longer keen on working on a new AI-powered Chabot application for mobiles.

The leading search engine giant says all efforts towards the new project have been deprioritized. Everything was done in such a silent manner that most tech experts had no clue that it was even working on such an endeavor that was designed to cater to the Gen Z market and included a range of digital characters.

CNBC was one of the first media outlets to report the behavior and seeing the way Google has walked out of it all of a sudden makes you wonder why that did take place.

The new project was referred to as Bubble Characters and it included a range of digital characters that could talk. And this would give rise to more interactions alongside Gen Z users as reported by a few internally published documents that CNBC recently grabbed a hold of.

The firm was believed to be working on this project dubbed Bubble Characters and it had a range of those that could speak and carry out conversations with the user in question. Moreover, the project is believed to have come to life in the fourth quarter of the year 2021.

Moreover, the description on the platform mentioned how there was a range of chats included that were very life-like. So it was related to how you almost conducted conversations with another person. All such chats got support from huge language models and these were made in a manner where you could better comprehend the text of humans.

As mentioned in the description of the platform, something starting off from a novel soon ended up becoming the next type of chat taking place at the level of humans.

Meanwhile, another shocking example reported by CNBC proved how there were characters like a cartoon arising and it featured very friendly voices that were embedded deeply into the chats. Other than that, you’d get queries thrown in your direction as a form of follow-up, and then finally, you would be provided with some extremely rare types of discussions like relationship advice too, if you wanted that.

As you can imagine, AI chatbots are the trend these days with some doing more successfully well than others. Hence, if launched, this would be one of Google’s AI-based projects that make use of its hugely effective language model that arose in the past few months.

But from the way things are taking place, the main priority seems to be Bard right now and that might be why Google is more focused on bettering that than giving due time and focus to Bubble Characters.

Let’s not forget how the firm is dealing with its own personal issues linked to an internal shakeup where you can see people exiting and entering the company. For instance, some leading researchers from the AI department are leaving and opting to roll out their own firms where the focus is chatbot development.

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