New Report Proves The Major Decline In Global PC Shipments Is Finally Levelling Off

A new report by Canalys is proving that the major decline in global PC shipment and distribution is finally coming to a halt as things start to level off.

We don’t see it moving upwards yet but the fact that the dramatic decline isn’t taking place as intensely right now means there is some hope for a brighter future.

The news comes after figures for Q2 of this year were unveiled and the stats for such shipments related to both desktops as well as notebooks were reportedly going down continuously YoY and had come to 62 million.

When you look at Q1 of 2023 and Q4 of the final year, we saw shipments going down by nearly 30%. Therefore, as you can imagine, the 12% drop is much better than the 30% one and it’s spreading great waves of optimism across the board. Moreover, experts at Canalys feel this might be a positive sign that things are getting as close to normal as possible and that hopes for a great recovery are on the horizon during the latter part of this year.

Today, the PC market keeps on showing that it’s willing to bounce back from that very tough ordeal. Seeing worldwide shipping declines is never a fun affair for obvious reasons but now that we’re in the middle of 2023 and seeing things getting better is a step in the right direction.

Still, the worldwide economic turmoil continues and that just makes things for recovery hard to believe and that just might be one of the major reasons why activation rates for end users were being observed stronger than how shipments are doing. And while conditions do seem to be improving, we’re expecting to see firms put back spending and focus more on getting revamps in the IT domain.

In the second quarter of this year, we saw a greater allocation of funds being granted by the public sector for the IT industry and that increased the demand for PCs and had a positive impact on shipments.

Coming down to the players who dominated the PC market, it was Lenovo, Dell, and Apple that made the top three list. In the fourth position, we saw Acer and then a few others.

And the reason why Apple managed to reach the third highest market share is linked to its breakthrough launch of the new Macbook Air that’s a whopping 15 inches.

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