Google Rolls Out New Exciting Features For Its Bard Chatbot Including Speaking Answers Aloud

The competition to be the top AI chatbot in the industry is getting tougher and that’s why Google is making sure its Bard chatbot is up to pace with ChatGPT in whatever manner possible.

We’re talking about the tech giant rolling out a number of exciting features for Bard that would help make it just as exciting as ChatGPT.

One of the most exciting endeavors in this regard includes having the ability of the chatbot to say answers out loud. And we’re sure that’s bound to add a new form of convenience for those that find it tiring to read written replies all of the time.

The feature comes in the form of a listening endeavor that can be clicked on if desired. Additionally, you get the option of inputs linked to your microphone too. Simply press on the button for a speaker that’s present right next to the reply and you’ll immediately see Bard read each word in a sound manner.

This might be super helpful if you wish to hear the right pronunciations for certain terms that you’re struggling with or unsure about. Moreover, it’s also great for those keen on hearing poems or scripts, the company has gone on to add.

And the best part is how the feature can be availed in a series of different languages. So far, up to 40 have been outlined, and that entails some popular ones like Hindi, Arabic, German, Spanish, and German too.

Also, don’t forget how Google’s chatbot likes to chat mostly via text. But now, you can put up pictures on the chatbot, alongside any request or query that you may be having. So, you can request Bard to highlight objects in the picture that’s uploaded or even request captions. For now, it’s available in the English tone but it won’t be long before Google rolls it out in various other languages.

It appears that the Android maker could have taken up some inspiration from the popular Bing chatbot that’s by Microsoft. The latter ended up adding ChatGPT into that and today, you’ll find all kinds of unique conversation styles. Moreover, you can even request the chatbot to alter responses by making use of various tones or styles.

Be it long, short, formal, casual, or more- the choice is totally yours. Hence, if you wish to request Bard to produce emails but aren’t too happy with the initial result, simply press the tune. This is found right below the reply.

You’ll also be able to see a new menu that arises in drop-down styles and then select one which Bard would customize so as to fit your desirable tone.

In other news, we’re also seeing Googe carry out an expansion of Bard in more global markets. So that means both regions of Europe and Brazile would be able to grab a hold of it. Remember, this is huge because the EU has some very tough rules in place regarding user data but with Google enhancing its privacy policy and making things more clear, we can see why it’s getting the green light finally for a debut in this area.

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