Google Faces Massive Global Backlash For Its Revised Commission From Play Store IAPs

Tech giant Google is doing everything in its power to try and fulfill the new guidelines outlined by lawmakers but it appears that no matter what, it’s still falling short of gaining praise.

The company is in the hot seat after getting harsh criticism for its Play Store commission share revision. This is related to all in-app purchases, meaning developers would be getting even less money than before as the tech giant selfishly grants a bigger chunk to keep for itself.

Global regulators are seeing this behavior as a complete reflection of what iPhone maker Apple seems to be doing with its own App Store. It’s also similar to how much heat Google faced three years back with a battle between Epic Games and the firm. The former claimed it was using its influential power to exert more power across the Play Store and attain a massive 30% share from all purchases made on the app.

Another report published by Reuters shed light on how Google’s decision to alter its commission at the Play Store is not gaining acceptance in India where a court ruled against the firm while taking Disney’s side.

The judge challenged the claims made by Google in terms of its decision to charge a fee that lay between the 11 to 26% mark for any payments made across apps. The tech giant mentioned how the change was part of its policy after it was directed to adopt antitrust means that delineated the acceptance of payments made to third parties. And now, the country feels this new change is along the same lines.

But the court is not happy and Indian lawmakers are forcing the search engine giant to reconsider the commission share and bring it down to around 4%. This is related to Disney’s famous Hotstar service for streaming.

These types of matters are just a small chunk of a bigger movement taking place globally for reviews of App Stores and their respective policies. The goal is to stop internet giants from using their mighty influence to achieve gains and causing others to suffer along the way.

We do see how quite a few compromises have been made like accepting payment systems owned by third parties. But now, the goal seems to be pushing for bigger changes so that it paves the way for a digital sector that’s fair and equal for all.

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