Apple Threatens To Delete iMessage And FaceTime For UK Users If End-To-End Encryption Removed

iPhone maker Apple is sending out a clear message to UK officials regarding the new Online Safety Bill.

The tech giant says that it has no plans or desire to compromise on the security of its users and if the new Online Safety Bill enforces the deletion of end-to-end encryption, then it’s going to oppose strongly.

This means bidding farewell to both iMessage and the famous FaceTime as a whole for those located in the UK market. Moreover, this report comes to us directly from BBC.

The bill is currently under review but so many leading tech firms are having their say about how they are more than against the proposal, adding how they feel it’s going to do more harm than any good.

The British Government says it wishes to go through E2E encrypted texts so that it can grab a hold of both illegal data and material that’s explicit such as child abuse. Moreover, it was seen speaking about how the current law present today does accommodate it but it’s really old and needed to be updated by the addition of security enhancements via modern technology.

Tech giant Apple claims to be adding a major opposition that comprises 9 pages to the bill being promised. It clearly sends out objections for the pointers included like backdoors for E2E and also ends up putting out changes to so many security goods and services, right before their launch in the market.

This forces the firm to disable its protective measures that are designed to offer users protection and privacy of the highest kind. Moreover, we see it getting launched and being left with no choice but to get rid of security additions, right before the process of appeals would begin.

The firm says it wouldn’t be making many changes for a single nation and that would go about weakening the entire security wall that it has in place for other users. Hence, it would rather go ahead and disable its mentioned features for those living in the UK region.

This outlined law is undergoing a massive consultation period that lasts 8 weeks. Since Apple and so many others are showing opposition, we just might see the UK Government intervene and put out revisions in the law as a part of their response to criticism coming out.

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