American Citizens Want Google To Be Held Accountable By The Court Of Law For Violating Privacy Laws

Google seems to be wound up in a sticky situation as American citizens hailing from New York and Minnesota are speaking about holding the tech giant responsible for violating privacy laws.

The company is being accused of keeping records pertaining to videos that had been streamed via YouTube. We’ve seen a lot of papers getting filed and some made their way to the courtroom this week.

There were plenty of lawyers including those hailing from New York and Minnesota where arguments had been held and Google wanted to make the most of details linked to credit cards and the users’ viewing history. As expected, this behavior is a massive violation of the state’s laws and to see the tech giant surpass the highest authorities and go about the situation has some people in awe.

Google has been blasted for keeping such records for an infinite period of time but that’s wrong because the two states from where these citizens hail say there’s a clear law that bars it from taking data and even viewing it. Moreover, the laws state that firms need to immediately destroy all sorts of data as soon as possible and there was a limit set out for it where it’s no longer needed so must be deleted.

We even saw in the month of May this year how another lawsuit was thrown out by a judge in California, claiming both these states mentioned above does not give citizens the right to sue over matters pertaining to retaining data.

But the citizens are not backing down. They feel the judge failed to look at the bigger picture and did not comprehend the state laws in the right manner. And therefore, every citizen may pursue legal action regarding violations of such mandates.

With that being said, tech giant Google is not the sole firm facing such legal action from such states when it comes down to privacy laws. We saw the likes of both Apple and Amazon get slammed with similar legal cases.

Meanwhile, another judge in the state of California ended up throwing out a lawsuit that was filed against Apple because they claim the firm’s privacy laws don’t allow legal action by users complaining about retaining their data. Hence, it’s going to be exciting to see what happens in this particular case.

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