Meta Faces Criticism As Its New Open-Source Llama AI Model Comes With Restrictions

Tech giant Meta is facing a lot of criticism across the board for calling its new Llama AI model open-source when in reality, it’s far from that.

The company vowed that it was a free and fully accessible product for everyone to use. But now, it seems like that's not the reality.

Facebook’s parent firm referred to it as one of its most striking projects yet and one of the biggest language models situated today. But seeing it promotes it as something that does not have some people really questioning the firm for obvious reasons.

The model seems to be surrounded by restrictions that make it far from user friendly as you cannot gain complete access without passing through hurdles.

The firm had put out in its policy recently how big users will not be given the chance to gain access to the design in the same manner that we see small firms do. Meanwhile, it does hope to give developers working independently a bigger benefit.

The exact figure was also outlined to be 700 million members as the lower limit set for firms designated as large scale because they clearly have so many active members. And if that’s the case, a separate letter of request for using the model must be obtained by the tech giant. Only then can will it be decided whether you can get access or not, as outlined in its license.

So if you are a large-scale company and wish to use Llama for free, please think twice as you need to obtain special rights.

With such great restrictions, Llama 2 doesn’t meet the normal standards that most of us link open source to. Hence, calling something freely accessible to the masses is definitely alarming when that’s far from reality.

The executive director for the famous OSI firm mentioned how licenses of Llama 2 failed to fulfill the category linked to open source so it’s a huge question on the part of Meta to label it as so.

But a rep from Meta recently spoke about how there are plenty of commercial licenses which are designed to create a balance between models having massive responsibility and so much protection to stop any sort of misuse that could arise.

Another shocking stance by Meta revolved around the fact that it says that even large-scale firms can use it, provided they abide by the enlisted rules and regulations mentioned.

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