Adobe Photoshop’s Latest Generative Expand Feature Enables Flawless Image Resizing With Or Without Text Prompts

Adobe Photoshop seems to be on a roll as it recently launched a new image expansion and resizing feature.

The new offering is called Generative Expand and it allows users to expand pictures with or even without the need of any text prompts. Moreover, the news comes just a short while after we saw the firm adding Firefly to its array of AI models for Photoshop that’s currently working in beta.

This gave creators the chance to include, delete, and expand content taken from images in a seamless manner via text prompts. Now, we’re hearing more on that front including how the firm is enhancing the upgrades by adding new features where users get the chance to do the same, without the need for any prompts via text.

To resize your pictures, through AI technology, illustrators on Photoshop need to press the Crop icon button and expand their canvases. After that, press on the Generate icon that can be seen on the taskbar and that covers the blank space in seconds with any pictures located there.

As per reports from Adobe, this is very useful in a number of scenarios. For instance, when the subject gets cut off, your picture isn’t fitting the respective ratio, and also when the focused object gets misaligned with other components of the picture.

But what we feel is the best thing about this rollout is that users may include content to any picture, without worrying about text prompts. Hence, when the latter is missing, this gives Photoshop the chance to cover the canvas using AI material which blends in a seamless manner with the picture that’s already present.

When making use of prompts, all such content would entail the list of elements stated by users and this would pave the way for less time spent on edits as well as more time spent during experiments. Moreover, you will end up adapting pictures as per your creativity, the company adds while shedding light on the latest AI front.

On the other hand, Adobe is also shedding light on another feature that would assist all users situated around the world. From today onwards, we’re going to see a new feature that’s supported by Firefly that provides language support of nearly 100 different kinds.

If you’re an avid user of the program, you’d know by now that previously, all text prompts were in English. But now, it’s getting a revamp that would assist users from various countries whose first language might not be English.

Those keen on using this new Generative Expand feature need to update their Photoshop to the latest version as the firm confirmed how it’s only up for grabs on the newest beta version of the app.

We could also be seeing the leading tech giant announce more AI-based features soon but we’ll keep you posted on that. For now, give this one a try and stay tuned.

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