Google Will Exclude Gameplay Imagery From Its Shocking Content Policy By Next Month

Tech giant Google has confirmed how it would be getting rid of gameplay imagery from its Shocking Content Policy as early as next month.

This is why the firm is urging various brands to take notice with immediate effect and see how this sudden change would impact any websites or apps they own after the rules come into play very soon.

The new update will clearly delineate the removal by August 30, as confirmed by the company’s Ads Manager team as their Publisher Restrictions undergo a change.

The news is crucial for marketers as it makes sure they are up to date and obeying the firm’s changes in policy as that would avoid any exclusions as well as penalties that might arise very soon.

So that means when the change is made by next month, only those images from games would be deleted if they revolve around a graphic, explicit, or gruesome theme. Moreover, it showcases pictures relating to abuse, violence, torture, real people, discrimination, and more.

The tech giant explained how it hopes the new advisory sent out to brands would give them enough time to take notice and carry out reviews for the update so they can see how any respective pages under their ownership are affected.

Google’s spokesperson added that any brand that wishes to challenge any content that it published in the past and happened to be excluded under this new change may appeal as it’s their right.

So that means if any ad published is no longer being served but the company feels it shouldn’t be restricted under the new update, they are being given a chance to issue an appeal or a review after the date of the change takes place, which is August 30 of this year.

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