WhatsApp’s Latest iOS Beta Updates: Screen Sharing and Enhanced Advertising Interface

WhatsApp is continuously working on improving its features to enhance the user satisfaction. As per WBI, the app has been testing two new iOS updates that have caught the attention of the testing group. These developments include a screen-sharing feature for video calls and an enhanced interface for advertising status updates for the business variant.

The first exciting change is the introduction of a screen-sharing feature for video calls. This new element allows people to share their screens with the person or group they are having a video call with. It’s a handy tool that can be used for various purposes such as sharing a presentation or a document with their colleagues during a work call. This feature has the potential to make video calls even more interactive and useful, as it enables real-time collaboration and problem-solving. Audience will also be provided an option to stop other notifications from popping while sharing the screen. Sharing can also be paused or turned off anytime during the call as users will have full control on it.

The second update focuses on business version of the platform, specifically designed for businesses to communicate with their customers. WhatsApp Business is introducing an enhanced interface to advertise status updates. Status updates are short messages or media files that users can share with their contacts, similar to stories on other social media platforms. With the enhanced interface, businesses can create more engaging and visually appealing status updates to capture the attention of their customers.

The new interface provides businesses with additional tools and customization options to create eye-catching status updates. They can add text, images, videos, and even interactive elements to make their updates more engaging. It will open up new possibilities for businesses to showcase their products or services, announce promotions or events, and interact with their customers in a more dynamic way. However, it will only be available for premium accounts and not general ones.

It’s important to note that these developments are currently in the pilot testing phase, which means they are only accessible to a limited number of people who have opted to participate in the testing program and will be released to general public anytime in future.

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