WhatsApp Beta for Windows Introduces Call-Back Feature for Missed Calls, While WhatsApp Business Prepares for Multi-Account Functionality

WhatsApp Beta for Windows, is working on an exciting feature that will be greatly appreciated by its users. The upcoming update brings a call-back feature specifically designed to handle missed calls efficiently. The main goal is to enhance overall user experience and ensure that no important calls are overlooked.

Previously, people had to manually call back the person who tried to reach them. However, with the latest change, this process becomes much simpler and more convenient. When a call is missed, a small “Call Back” button will be displayed right next to the contact’s name in the chat window. Directly tapping on the button will initiate a call back to the person who tried to contact them.

This time-saving feature removes the need for users to search through their call logs or contacts list to find the person who called them. It smoothens the call-back process and allows users to quickly respond to unpicked calls. Whether it’s reconnecting with friends or catching up with colleagues, WhatsApp Beta for Windows ensures that no calls go unattended. The pilot version has already been rolled out to a number of testing clients, and it will be accessible for general users as well, globally.

In another exciting development, as spotted by WBI, WhatsApp Business is currently working on a multi-account feature that will enable the audience to manage multiple business accounts within a single app. This highly anticipated feature aims to simplify the process for businesses that operate multiple accounts, saving them time and effort.

With the multi-account feature, business owners and managers can link and switch between different WhatsApp Business accounts seamlessly. This means that if a business operates several ventures or branches, they can now handle all their accounts conveniently in one app. No longer will users need to log in and out repeatedly or rely on multiple devices to manage different business profiles.

This upcoming update will bring ease and efficiency to businesses, allowing them to provide a seamless experience for their customers across multiple accounts. Whether it’s responding to inquiries, managing orders, or maintaining consistent communication, the multi-account feature will simplify these tasks and help businesses streamline their operations.

The feature is still in its early development stage, and hence the pilot version has yet to be released to the testing audience.

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