Twitter Gives Its Blue Subscribers More Time To Make Tweet Edits

Blue Subscribers on the Twitter app have been promised a lot since the start of the entire paid tier rollout. But it’s safe to say Musk’s great promises did fall short as people expected a lot but hardly got much in return.

Now, we’re hearing more about how the platform is slowly rolling out a new expansion for the app’s Edit window that would be changed from half an hour to one hour now.

As can be witnessed through a new example that’s shared by Matt Navarra, Blue subscribers are now being allocated a window period of 60 minutes to make tweet edits. That’s double what we saw in the past which comprised 30 minutes and was unveiled in October of last year.

This would provide users with so many opportunities to detect mistakes while also making the time period double when you are putting out texts or sending feedback to those reading your posts on the app.

We are certainly seeing this new rollout as one that’s very handy but remember, it’s again only up for grabs to those on Twitter Blue. So the more you pay, the greater the benefits you receive.

Recent stats proved that Twitter Blue subscribers only make up the app’s 0.3% in terms of the overall user base. And for now, it’s not up for grabs to all those people right now. Moreover, you’ll find a few features of Blue subscribers that continue to be rolled out to everyone.

One great example of this is when Twitter Blue users would receive a text length limit that included 4000 characters on each tweet. But we saw the app expand that to 10,000 in April of this year.

So it all appears like not everyone has undergone such an expansion just yet and the working also is yet to be updated on a universal basis. This is a true reflection of the platform’s continuously changing system that evolves with time. But it can lead to unwanted side effects including the likes of both bugs as well as major inconsistent behavior.

This is a side effect of going faster and isn’t a huge concern linked to users of the platform. And when you think about it, the firm continues to function with a staff number that’s 80% less than what it once had. But let’s not forget how it does cause plenty of changes in terms of the entire experience for those using the app and also how many features are up for grabs.

Therefore, those who are subscribers for Twitter Blue have just 60 minutes to make an edit to a tweet and in case you might not have it available to you right now, it’s coming soon.

Now if you think such a feature would boost the app’s figure for Blue subscribers, well, we don’t think so. Such features are more or less deemed to be minor elements that are found across broad spectrums.

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