Twitter Introduces New Changes On The App And Here’s What Users Can Expect

Twitter has put out several changes on the platform that can affect the strategy of users while putting out tweets.

The company made the announcement through CTO Elon Musk who mentioned a comment as a reply to a user’s query about scammers making it big through game replies on famous tweets.

The effect is known as newsjacking and it’s a way to get more exposure as well as conduct great marketing stunts on the platform. So many different brands make use of this like tactics so they can put awareness at peak for certain products.

As one can imagine, these kinds of replies are known as spam, and as confirmed by Twitter’s chief, such individuals end up using a particular chat or tweet as a target to get their motive across.

At the start, it appeared that those brands who wanted to attain free advertising by hijacking the reply section of the tweet would be liable to consequences as they were breaking down rules. Now, he is going into detail about how replies that are completely irrelevant or marketing that does not revolve around the topic in question would be penalized to such an extent that you’d end up getting your own account suspended.

This kind of qualification means you’re engaging with tweets on a proportional basis and you are allowed to do that, as long as it's relevant. Again, we could be wrong but by the looks and sounds of it, that’s the case.

We’re still waiting for the firm’s latest advertising policy to take center stage for a better understanding. So far, what we saw in the app’s Spam Policy was more discussion on how engaging in such marketing would amplify data through artificial means and really cause people’s experience to get disrupted.

In other news, we’re hearing more about how the app is getting out a brand new tab for highlights of tweets. This would be related to Blue Subscribers only for now, who are paying extra to attain more features.

The idea behind the feature is to allow users that pay to better highlight tweets that they feel are the best of the lot and then showcase them on the feed through the app’s profile.

As could be seen through a series of examples put out by social media experts, the feature gives Blue subscribers the chance to include any tweet they love in the tab designated as Highlights. They can both include and remove this feature through the highlights section by clicking on the menu featuring three dots that are situated at the top.

After you’re done with including a new tweet, you can see it get listed in the highlight section across your news feed on the app. But that would only show up after it has become added to the section labeled Highlights.

We don’t see why this cannot be the best way to put out the best type of content because it’s a wonderful way to gain subscribers and put the best form of knowledge out there.

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