Snapchat Develops New Breakthrough Technique To Generate AI Images On Smartphones In Seconds

The thought of Generative AI technology bringing out the best in the tech world is no longer a dream, it’s a reality. And as each day passes, we’re witnessing more developments in this regard.

The latest on this front comes from the popular social media app Snapchat which says its research team has developed a technique that would decrease the time taken for art creators to produce pictures through generative AI means.

Today, when you come to think of it, so many types of creators are present including Bing’s Image Creator which allows you to make pictures with ease. But wait, that’s just the start. It does end up taking time for such generators to take pictures and that’s a downside that a lot of experts have been complaining about for so long.

The reason being is not clearly understood but some feel it’s linked to factors such as text prompts and beyond. But with Snap claiming they’ve found the secret to reducing downtime, there can be nothing better than this.

In a recently published blog post, Snap says the new product is dubbed SnapFusion and it reduces the time taken to produce pictures through the generative AI creator. And we’re talking about it going down to just a mere two seconds for image generation.

According to the firm, this is actually the quickest time that any firm has taken to carry out such an endeavor.

Moreover, Snap Research says it carried out such breakthroughs by bettering the whole network’s framework and getting rid of any noise along the way. This just makes it so much more efficient and also guarantees that all the best pictures are produced through a simple text prompt.

What you end up with are great pictures that are clear in design and can be done in a few seconds via smartphone technology. The old days meant doing the same in hours or even minutes.

Those in search of some more details on this front can go through the company’s PDF SnapFusion report. It’s bound to provide more details on this technology and how exactly the art gets created.

But wait, there is some bad news here. We’re not going to be able to get our hands on this form of technology, anytime soon. This is because the tech giant claims it can really go the extra mile and put this into effect with a few more tweaks, here and there. So just be sure to keep those eyes open for any future updates because, by the looks of it, this seems promising in all regards.

Remember, AI image generation through PCs was something of the past. Today, it’s about the ultimate convenience through smartphone technology and when you come to think of it, what could be better than that?

Clearly, it’s only time before we see other tech giants provide an arch-rival response to this endeavor.

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