TikTok’s CEO Allotted New Job By Parent Firm ByteDance

The CEO of TikTok has been in the spotlight ever since he was forced to endure an intense grilling session by the American Congress in March of this year.

Now, we’re hearing more about how Shou Zi Chew has been awarded a new additional job by TikTok’s parent firm ByteDance.

In a recently published article by The Information, it was mentioned how TikTok’s parent company wants him to be the head of one of their leading apps called Lemon8. This makes him the main supervisor for the platform as even the app’s current in charge would now be reporting to the TikTok CEO.

We saw the new app getting launched across the US at the start of this year. And that’s very interesting as it was around for quite some time in the market including places like Japan, ever since 2020 began.

As per reports from The New York Times, TikTok’s parent firm ended up hiring more influencers this past year so they could create more awareness about this platform. And in case some people are still wondering what type of app is Lemon8 then remember it has to do with lifestyle and mostly is linked to food, lifestyle, travel, and more.

Some people were seen speculating how the platform is designed to compete with another arch-rival in today’s industry like Instagram. So as you can imagine, the app really has a lot of things to do because Meta’s Instagram has a whopping figure when it comes down to active users.

Today, Lemon8 has a whopping 17.3 million download figures for users around the globe and that’s quite a staggering amount, considering the fact that it was only launched in the year 2020.

But within no time, it was able to make its mark in the American industry as recent stats from Insider Intelligence revealed. Also, let’s not forget how a small among of users of Lemon8 are those that also make use of the leading social media app TikTok.

Now, a lot of rumors are also arising linked to how Lemon8 could be a real replacement for the app and it may have been banned in America or other nations of the West as politicians continued to mention.

It’s all very interesting as the tensions rise in the US in regard to a possible ban of the app. As it is, Montana has become the first state to ban TikTok and who knows what could possibly be next.

Photo: TED / YouTube

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