India’s High Court Forces Instagram To Name And Delete Pirate Accounts And Infringing URLs

Bombay’s High Court says it has zero tolerance for pirate accounts and is now requesting the Instagram app to expose all such acts while removing any infringing URLs.

The news came through a huge injunction where the tech giant is also being told to get rid of any such accounts and relevant infringing URLs along the way too. Is this something new and shocking?

Actually not because when you come to think of it, so many social media giants including Instagram have been in the spotlight for the behavior. But the crackdown against such accounts has begun and Instagram seems to be at the top of many people's lists for some odd reason.

The notice tends to come forward in the form of a DMCA. This is where those with rights can be seen speaking about a request to the app to have some form of content or post taken down. It could be a simple URL or a picture or a video of some sort.

The figure for removals happens to arise in a huge quantity and it’s very typical to see this behavior coming forward without the public noticing. Meanwhile, Instagram users who carry on with such behavior as copyright infringements might be at risk to lose accounts.

Such policies for content removal are the standard agreement when it comes down to the world of social media. Every now so often, an issue may arise and in places like India, there’s one matter that is not turning into a high-profile legal case. Remember, having the country’s high court involved in a particular city is a big deal.

There has been a similar case in question where we saw a local firm put out a lawsuit against footage that was pirated and placed on the app, other than the websites where it could be found with ease.

Instagram has been told to strictly monitor such behavior and if and when it does end up coming across such behavior, there needs to be a course of action followed and all posts that come under the infringing category must be deleted immediately.

The High Court feels that the original sources owns exclusive ownership rights and for that reason, Instagram must act righteously. This is certainly not something that has come out of the blue but is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. And that includes terming the accounts linked to such behavior as well.

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