The New iOS 17 Will Warn Users Before They’re Exposed To Explicit Images

Tech giant Apple has put forward a new slate of exciting and innovative features for this year’s WWDC conference.

There was plenty on display including the much anticipated mixed reality headset Vision Pro. But what really shocked the masses is the great unveilings linked to the iOS 17 which iPhone users could benefit from starting this fall.

Plenty was announced at the event but there were some striking features that were left for later on and not made public just yet. One of those happened to be some intense security features so users can make the most of their safety while using their devices.

Apple mentioned how it was busy trying to give its users the best hands-on experience as a whole and it would be adding some content warnings for material it feels falls under the sensitive category. This enables adult users to be aware of pictures or videos that they may not wish to witness.

The leading iPhone maker was seen speaking about this particular piece of information through a blog post where it claims such features are designed for explicit content like images and videos. Hence, whenever a user gets a picture involving nudity, they’ll be alerted about if they’re willing to see it.

The company outlined how naked images were categorized as those displaying privates that tend to be covered by undergarments and bathing suits. And while it’s not the fault of the viewer, what they don’t realize sometimes is that such images are designed to cause nothing but distress and harm.

Meanwhile, the post by Apple went on to reveal how the person in the image might not have provided consent on the matter and was being fooled into receiving this form of media getting shared online into their devices.

If and when such types of explicitly themed content do arise, the user would be given three different options to choose from, other than the one designed to avoid seeing the picture or video. They can even ask for ways through which they want assistance.

While iOS 17 is yet to be rolled out, we’re still a little confused as to where such links direct to. But if and when used in the right manner, it might be a great means for sharing resources and how to further proceed in cases where harassment or abuse is taking place.

Tech giant Apple is yet to share if such a feature is opened through means of default or if that ends up getting disabled. But one thing is for sure. It’s a safety tool that can be switched both on and then off.

Moreover, it’s quite similar to the manner in which other features linked to communication and safety take place on other iPhone devices. Hence, when a person opts to send another a nude image by choice and consent, that does not mean the leading iPhone maker is getting access to your very private pictures.

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