Apple Kicks Off Its 2023 Global Developers Conference With A Bang And Here’s A Recap Of All The Updates

The 2023 Global Developers Conference began yesterday and tech giant Apple did not fail to impress. There were plenty of grand unveilings and updates that had tech experts on the edge of their seats. And below, we’re summarizing everything on display.

For starters, the much anticipated mixed reality headset Vision Pro was finally unveiled at a staggering price tag of $3500. The company says the launch will take place early next year so those eagerly waiting to get their hands on it need to be a little more patient.

The mixed reality headset is going to make users’ experience so much more worthwhile as it brings things to life. From watching movies in 3D to spatial audio to attain the best sound experience- there’s plenty on offer. And we’re not surprised because something that has been in the works for so long is bound to be great.

The headset is believed to do a lot of the same things that a regular iPhone is designed to do. This entails texting, exploring the web, and FaceTiming among others. But what really caught a lot of people’s attention was the ability to turn into a Mac Monitor.

But that’s not the only grand unveiling that Apple was talking about. The company has announced its visionOS software endeavor that would be the platform for its Vision Pro headset. This would be used by developers in a manner that is similar to the utilization of iOS for iPhones.

What’s great about this is that it’s the first of its kind that Apple has created from scratch for such a purpose.

Next, Apple spoke about the unveiling of its new MacBook which comes with a 15-inch screen and is priced at a staggering $1300. Moreover, it features the M2 chipset and weighs a shocking 3 pounds. But what can users expect is a question on many people’s minds.

One charging dock, two USB ports, and a standard portal for headphones too- the features appear to be fantastic. Similarly, the colors have been unveiled to be in four exciting shades. Users can also take advantage of the 18-hour-long battery with the 8-core CPU. And in case it tickles your fancy, you can order it starting next week.

Apple’s new smartwatch is also out and it features plenty of amazing widgets. This entails brand-new software with plenty of updates for wearers. For instance, there is a new digital crown that puts widgets on display such as the weather and the calendar and when you press on it for a long time, a new widget gets added to it.

Similarly, Apple has put out some more apps including a new world clock that comes in various hues, each showcasing the exact time of day. After that gets rotated, you can witness a full-screen view.

But that’s not all. The watch will bring forward some more innovative features including hiking and biking exercise routines that pop up across iPhones. In this way, hikers get access to brand-new elevation details regarding the topography of their routes.

Developers are also being given the chance to make use of some exciting workout APIs so you can begin with simple exercises through apps such as Training Peaks. Then on the health app, you can screen yourself and check how well you’re doing fitness-wise.

Clearly, this new WatchOS 10 is really innovation beyond bounds.

The company also put more innovation to its Apple TV where users can now FaceTime one another. Users can make use of their regular gadgets like iPads and use the big screen for communication.

The Cupertino giant also put its newest software for Mac on display. This has been given the name of macOS Sonoma and is believed to take more advantage of things like a better processing unit for aspects like graphics. It similarly entails new features for gaming and video conferencing.

It also entails some interesting features for the likes of AR to attain full-screen reactions and provide users with a more realistic experience when using platforms like Zoom and more.

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