Apple Debuts Its New iOS 17 With A List Of Innovative Updates That iPhone Users Can Expect By This Fall

The yearly WWDC23 developers’ conference took place yesterday and that’s where iPhone maker Apple was quick to put its new iOS 17 on display. This came with an array of exciting new updates for iPhone users.

This would be applicable to all iPhone devices by next fall and we’ve got a recap of all the new offerings for our readers that might be interested.

The firm was seen speaking about new and exciting changes that revolved around incoming calls and messaging as well as a new mode called ‘standby’.

This type of operating system was unveiled during this year’s Global Developers Conference and would be compatible with the latest XR devices and those arriving after it. And that means we’re expecting a rollout to arise near September.

Moving on to the specific offerings on display, you’ll see the iOS 17 giving users the chance to select which contacts appear, and that entails what arises whenever they call another iPhone. You can update pictures of the contact in question and even add a filter with the right hues and font across the name of the contact in question.

For those that are not huge fans of features like voicemails, well, there’s no reason to break a sweat. You can now avail live transcriptions to voicemails. This way, users do not need to listen to attain the message in question. The fact that it’s all taking place in real-time means you get the chance to pick up calls and speak to people immediately.

Meanwhile, another huge amendment that Apple is making to iPhones is the introduction of Voicemail to FaceTime. This way, people can put video recordings for loved ones.

Similarly, the new iOS 17 would be bringing forward another feature called catch-up that’s located across a device’s messaging video. This enables users to hop on to a new message that’s read in recent times, even as early as those coming in last week.

Users would also be given the chance to extend beyond classic emojis and utilize their own pictures to instill a reaction. For instance, you can go to Live Photos and utilize animated stickers. In the same way, reactions can be carried out through those arising between third-party applications and stickers seen in real-time.

For its new and improved language model, the firm is putting out a new feature called dictation, and combining it with autocorrect would assist with recognizing speech and ensuring everything flows smoothing and with greater accuracy. When things don’t get right, users may return to the original text. This makes things so much more personalized and all users need to do is press on the spacebar to attain some more suggestions.

iPhone users who adore oversharing through voice messages can now benefit from iOS 17’s new feature that’s called automatic transcriptions.

In addition to that, the Airdrop is getting a new look and so are features like location sharing. The feature of messaging is also providing some great sharing functions so in this way, you do not need to opt out of a chat to see the shared location of a particular contact. In the same way, another feature for check-ins would be made available. This makes it much simpler to see when a person makes it back safely to their final spot.

In cases when users don’t end up at their particular location, their iPhones would send out an alert to include check-ins and incorporate times for an estimated arrival. Moreover, in situations when no responses are provided, the device would share locations and the entire scenario for battery power. Thankfully, it’s all going to be E2E encrypted.

Airdrop would entail another feature called Namedrop that enables users to bring devices near another’s iPhone device or their smartwatch. This way, they can exchange contact details and highlight which phone numbers or email IDs they’d like to pass on.

For those users who adore sharing things like vacation images, the new iOS 17 would enable that to occur, despite the user being out of the whole Airdrop range and the quality would similarly be maintained.

Lastly, users can benefit from another exciting endeavor called journaling. This would work outside the device’s app called Notes and can serve as the best tool that inspires more people to write through a series of personalized suggestions.

There can be a matching song for your recent pictures as well as some inspiration for a writing prompt. And for those intrigued by the Standby Mode, well, it’s a feature that iPhones can switch to while charging on the side.

From tracking food to service as a clock, and even scheduling meetings- you can look over all sorts of information in this new view.

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