New Survey Says 58% Of American Adults Know About ChatGPT But Only 14% Use It

The world of AI has started to permeate most of our lives and with time, public awareness starts to get more and more significant.

But the question is how many Americans really do know and care about ChatGPT, let alone which fraction of the population are the ones that end up using it.

Thanks to researchers at Pew Research Center, we’re diving down deep to see what fraction of the population is aware of and using this popular AI endeavor so let’s take a look!

The famous AI chatbot is known to 58% of adults living in the US but it’s shocking to see how only 14% are actually using it to its full potential. Meanwhile, those engaging in this chatbot claim to have found it useful to a certain extent.

There are quite a few differences in demographics seen as the study shows no uniform pattern in populations across the nation. In the same way, the study proved some other changes in demographics like educational status where of adults who held a postgraduate degree, nearly 80% knew about it. Meanwhile, of those with bachelor’s degrees, 71% were aware. Lastly, of those having some type of college education, around 59% were aware.

The results also showed that 41% of those having a high school degree or an education that was less than that were not too familiar with the world of AI.

In the same way, those having high household incomes proved to be more aware of the AI chatbot. On the other hand, the study sheds light on both racial and ethnic disparities too. The research proved how Asian adults were more aware of ChatGPT than other races and ethnicities.

Meanwhile, the figure for white adults was determined to be 60% and that’s 50% of both Hispanics and Blacks who went on to speak about something similar.

Coming down to gender and age brackets, males who were below 30 were more familiar with ChatGPT than females who were older.

Next, the research spoke about how most Americans were making use of ChatGPT and it was proven how the figure stood at 19% for entertainment purposes while nearly 14% used it for learning. Just a little smaller fraction of it was using it for the sake of work. A whopping 39% of the majority felt that it was somewhat valuable.

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