Google Quietly Ends Support For Its Original Chromecast

Google has reportedly ended support for its original Chromecast and has managed to do it in a very silent manner.

It appears that the incident took place in the previous month and that closed the door on a decade-long worth of updates, sources have confirmed.

This initial Chromecast began making a debut way back in 2013 and ever since that time, we saw so many get announced and rolled out. Meanwhile, talking about the last update received by the device, we saw Chromecast achieve updates toward the end of last year. But the software brought about a series of fixes for malware and several other enhancements along the way.

Those who happen to be using a classic Chromecast may begin using it still but the search engine giant does claim that there might be some problems regarding this when the future comes.

This data appeared to be a part of Google’s Chromecast’s page for assistance and that is where it was mentioned how the support for the original Chromecast came to an end.

It was unveiled last month and the update came about during that timeframe but seeing it come to light right now is alarming to some people. But what does that really mean? It’s similar, if you’re a user of the classic Chromecast then be prepared to not get any more updates.

In the same way, Google says it won’t be giving out any form of technical support for such goods and services. And while devices do end up working, Google warned how so many users could soon be noticing a dropdown in terms of performance.

So in case you happen to be using the first generation of this product till today, you’re going to need to upgrade when and if you see things are not going too well. Thankfully, pricing did not change much since this ordeal was set out and that’s nearly 10 years back. So if you’re still curious about what the original model is worth, well, it’s rounding off to be a staggering $30.

Google has even seen this lineup expand and is now putting out a 4K version for this offering. And that’s ideal when you think of today’s modern-day TVs.

Whatever the case may be, the fact that the information is now coming to light has people in awe.

Photo: WorldofTech / YT

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