OpenAI Makes It Easier To Share Links With A Simple Click That Produces A Unique URL

The makers behind ChatGPT are making it easier for users to share links through a simple click.

OpenAI says users can transfer exchanges through the feature called Shared Links and that simply produces unique URLs with a simple click of the button.

They further went on to mention how such shared links are paving the way for people to share ChatGPT chats by replacing old methods which comprised screenshot shares. Moreover, the company has gone on to mention how shared links enable other people to witness and pass on hilarious, intriguing, and very insightful posts through the platform.

It similarly explained how it’s busy trying to turn this feature on for users and hopes to make it available all across the desktop. The firm is yet to put out a timeline on such an endeavor for iOS users but that does not mean it won’t be up for grabs soon.

But OpenAI has confirmed that the feature is not solely for the sake of entertainment. Such shared links could be utilized for sharing content with those located outside of your workplace. And that’s especially true when there are clients as well as contractors in place that require particular texts or chats.

Meanwhile, link recipients may end up having chats going and that may be useful so that collaborators work as one across spreadsheets or even plan summer travels.

Now the biggest question that many people must be wondering is how does one person exactly produce shared links through this endeavor?

Well, it’s awfully simple. Simply hover across chats on side menus and press buttons that feature arrows directing upwards. This would produce preview links that needed to be reviewed, moments before it was being sent out.

Users will also be allowed to name the chats and press on whether they can be shared in an anonymous manner or with the user’s name by pressing on the menu for three dots at the bottom. When people are ready, simply copy links by selecting green. This would give rise to URLs. Moreover, when recipients that up, they can witness snapshots of the chats and further enhance them if they want.

So as one can see, it’s quite meaningful when you’d like to share some details of the matter or discuss it with another person who's not part of chats like this.

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