Microsoft Rushed To Add An Under-Development GPT-4 Version To Its Bing Chat Despite Warning From OpenAI

Computational giant Microsoft may be praised for its AI-based Bing chatbot but a new report is shedding light on something more serious.

The company’s AI offering had been called out for producing some bizarre and very odd replies to queries put out by users. This had critics complaining about the feature and caused the company to restrict the figure for chat turns carried out on a daily basis. Similarly, they reduced the overall sessions for chats to a very limited figure, just to avoid this from happening again.

Thankfully, they’ve expanded on this front since then but you cannot deny the fact that odd interactions were uncalled for. Now, a new report by the Wall Street Journal says the company has really been at fault.

This is because it did receive plenty of warnings from OpenAI about how Bing Chat could result in this behavior because of the addition of a very underdeveloped version of GPT-4 being included in this chatbot.

The parent firm did lay down huge concerns against this behavior but the way Microsoft ignored each and every single one of them is beyond appalling. Moreover, Microsoft even got a warning from OpenAI about Bing Chat defaulting but again, no heed was given,

The news was confirmed by sources familiar with the matter but those who chose to remain anonymous.

Clearly, the computational giant was too keen on moving fast in this AI race and to have this endeavor get launched with so many issues is just eyebrow-raising because all the fears turned out to be true in the end.

The same report went on to add how the tech giant had plenty of other issues regarding its collaboration with OpenAI. And more reports hint at how so many parts of the firm cannot directly interact with OpenAI, till today.

While tech giant Microsoft put out plenty of funds into the firm as an investment, we know that OpenAI may still go about licensing its breakthrough ChatGPT to so many other firms to try and create the best AI offerings.

One such example would be DuckDuckGo which is known for using Bing Search as a part of its own search engine. Moreover, the firm even launched its own AI chatbot rival in March of this year that would make use of ChatGPT-3.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft wouldn’t be allowing DuckDuckGo off the hook so easily if it would venture in this direction. It claims to increase the costs of APIs as a result of this behavior but it’s interesting how the company failed to add this DuckAssist to private searches.

Now a lot of people still wonder why a huge tech firm like Microsoft is not purchasing OpenAI and getting rid of the matter as a whole. It really does want to control the firm yet is hesitant to buy it out.

For now, there’s no news on this front. And the firm’s CEO is yet to answer any queries on this matter too.

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