Instagram’s Latest Notes Update Introduces Music Support Where Users Can Put Tracks As Statuses

Instagram’s Notes feature may not have exactly gotten the type of response that Meta was hoping for but that does not mean it has stopped trying.

The tech giant has gone on to mention that it’s updating the Notes feature with some interesting endeavors including greater music support, alongside translation.

So now, users will be given the chance to update their status by adding clips that are 30 seconds long inside the update which gets accompanied with short captions with the song of their preference.

While the feature of Notes came out in December of last year, we saw it incorporate a mix of Twitter and some away texts. And during that period of time, there was a limit set forward of 60 and the feature was designed to add a status that could be altered with time.

Yes, it was not as large as the rest of the regular features of the app like the usual posts you see on the feed and the Stories but it was very interesting. Let’s not forget how the thought of music getting added is going to be pure nostalgia but this new endeavor is a modern twist where users can share and attach any type of song that’s on their playlist, instead of just mentioning it across the title or the artist.

In other news related to tech giant Meta, we’re hearing about the firm putting out an alternative to the popular microblogging website of Twitter that it hopes to combine with Instagram. This platform does not entail a new name just yet but it’s dubbed P92. Moreover, users would not be allowed to combine it with any other type of account that happen to be in existence. So in this manner, no separate accounts would be required.

In the same way, we’re hearing more about how bots based on AI technology are also in the works and currently being experimented with. They would be allowed to have some conversations so that the overall experience turns out to be fun and conversational with users. This is all thanks to a report put out by social media enthusiast and expert Alessandro Paluzzi who made use of reverse engineering to attain the report.

The AI bot is yet to be unveiled by Instagram but by the looks of it, this can set out responses for queries and include advice while users can select from nearly 30 kinds of AI names, as revealed by the company’s CEO. Remember, the firm is designing a new form of product that’s top-level and has a complete focus on the theme of generative AI.

Through an expansion of Notes, the app is really looking forward to adding a more creative blend through which people can share ideas and feelings on various aspects. And this news of a new Twitter rival in the works means there are a lot of big things coming for users that would allow them to express themselves.

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