Meta Launches New ‘World Chat’ Feature Within Horizon Worlds For VR Interactions

Tech giant Meta is moving ahead with its metaverse push with the launch of a new text-based feature called World Chat.

The company announced how this new and innovative feature would give rise to a new way through which users can further interact across this VR space. And as can be seen in such an example, this option would be like a thread that is totally based on text, similar to how you see a DM chain.

You’ll find this popping up through a screen across its Horizon World, it added.

Facebook’s parent firm released a new statement on the matter where it says that you can chat with your pals while watching shows, being present at a concert, or even playing any type of game too.

Moreover, you can even take part in some sort of a chat by simply pressing on the contact’s name and that’s when their profile pops up. Send them a connecting invite and you’ll be allowed to tag them too by mentioning their ID. This appears to be a new addition to the current voice chat element that’s found on the same platform. It gives rise to new forms of connections through the VR world.

But we cannot deny how it’s going to come with plenty of chances of online abuse while Meta is forced to put out more controls to protect its users on the app from any unwanted experience because it’s already facing a lot of criticism on how things are not suitable as far as safety is concerned.

At the end of the day, it needs to make critics feel like this is something they can trust and not something that adds more stress and misery to their lives. Remember, the thought of instilling a more immersive theme to this whole process might make some people feel like they’ve got zero escape from attacks heading their way while donning headsets.

So now, the biggest question is what is Meta doing to counter such a threat? And the answer is simple. They’re incorporating a long list of safety features into the World Chat that entails some proactive scans and message deletion that go against a Code of Conduct. In this manner, every person can shut out and delete communications whenever they feel the need to do so.

For instance, they can switch the settings for blurred chats to hinder those that you may not know. This would prevent them from reading the user’s texts. And what’s great is how the firm has automated this feature for all those between the age of 13 to 17.

It’s definitely something worth a mention because it shows how keen the tech giant has become in terms of pushing ahead with the metaverse. Moreover, it hopes this would make it one step above all other social media apps and would also attract more users to the platform.

Remember, all users demand clarity and when there’s a lot of transparency, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t go for something as great as this.

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