Meta Gives Sneak Peek Of What Twitter’s Upcoming Rival Will Appear Like

Meta’s leading executives are giving employees a sneak peek of what the new and upcoming Twitter rival will appear like and we’ve gotten some of the details for you below.

It’s a project that many have been anticipating, ever since we last heard Meta speak about it. And now that it’s finally happening, so many people cannot keep calm.

The grand unveiling was done today during a meeting with workers and tech media outlet The Verge was the first to break the story with plenty of screengrabs depicting the reality.

The platform is going to be based on Instagram and would entail some functionalities of ActivityPub too. This happens to be a new decentralized protocol for an app that would stand alone, experts claim.

This means giving users of the platform complete control of their accounts and also the chance to take all of their own followers along with them to different platforms whenever they make the decision to leave.

Hence, when setting up an account elsewhere, they won’t be losing any fanbase. How cool is that? The only catch is that the other app would need to provide support for ActivityPub and that entails common examples like Mastodon.

The new and exciting app was unveiled by the company’s head of products who says this is the perfect reply to a platform like Twitter. He claimed it would be making use of Instagram’s system to fill up users’ data. Similarly, he says there would be a particular codename for this endeavor and it’s called Project 92.

Meanwhile, he added how the public name might even be Threads, as reported by The Verge who saw this mentioned in his internal documents.

Similarly, a discussion was made about how so many creators and top figures in the public eye was keen on a new app that is run in a sane manner as they feel this might be something that they’re adding complete trust to and even putting reliance upon while distributing it.

They were all putting a lot of shade on how tech billionaire and Twitter chief Elon Musk is carrying out the affairs at Twitter.

Furthermore, the goal for this new platform was also revealed and that happens to be safety, reliability, and the convenience of easy use, among others. Similarly, it ensures all creators are granted a reliable and stable location to create audiences and allow them to grow further.

As we speak, we’re getting more information on how so many leading celebs are already booked and committed to making use of this platform. And common examples include Oprah, DJ Slime, and the Dalai Lama. But other names are also in the pipeline, Meta confirmed but their identity is yet to be unveiled to the public.

For now, there is no confirmed date as to when can we expect the app to be launched to the public. But Facebook’s parent firm says the wait will not be long.

Meta Gives Sneak Peek Of What Twitter’s Upcoming Rival Will Appear Like

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