AI Expert Challenges Exaggerated Claims of Human Extinction Threat

Six months ago, a new and powerful artificial intelligence called ChatGPT was introduced, which could generate creative pieces like poems and novels. Since then, Gary Marcus, an expert on AI, has been expressing concerns about how quickly and widely this technology is being developed and used.

Gary Marcus believes that people should be careful and cautious when it comes to the rapid progress of artificial intelligence. He thinks that users need to be mindful of the potential risks and problems that could arise from this fast-paced development and widespread adoption.

However, Marcus recently revealed that he does not believe that the existence of the human race is currently at risk because of AI. According to him, what’s more concerning is the development of artificial intelligence programmes that are out of control. A few months ago, when it was announced that an updated version of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chat bot, was being released, Marcus signed the petition carrying more than one thousand signatures, asking tech experts to put the development of artificial intelligence on hold. On the other hand, he didn’t sign the petition asking tech giants to start working on reducing the threat to human extinction caused by AI. The petition said that AI should be considered an equal threat, just like global pandemics or nuclear wars.

Marcus explained that AI can be used to manipulate others into believing something that either didn’t happen or that someone else was behind it. However, when Marcus was asked about his stance on the threat to democracy, he showed concern about how the technology can be used to spread misinformation or for character assassination in an attempt to win elections. In order to deal with such scenarios, Marcus suggested strict regulations be introduced.

While acknowledging the existence of risks, Marcus’s argument emphasises the potential for human ingenuity and emerging technologies to safeguard the future. By adopting a balanced approach, society can work towards building a resilient and secure future for generations to come. Marcus wants people to be careful about how quickly they make and use artificial intelligence because there could be negative consequences if they don’t proceed with caution.

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