Meta Builds Its Own Internal AI Chatbot Called Metamate That’s Trained On Its Internal Data

Tech giant Meta has recently unveiled its own AI chatbot called Metamate which has reportedly been trained on the company’s data.

There were some reports in the past about how Facebook’s parent firm was going to work alongside OpenAI to design the final product but little did anyone know that the company would end up rolling out its own chatbot using AI technology so soon.

Metamate made use of the firm’s data to assist employees in producing short summaries of discussions arising in meetings while adding more debug endeavors and even going the extra length to lay down codes.

In this manner, employees would be able to produce a series of prompts and then go about sharing them alongside their respective colleagues.

The firm says that it’s working hard for so long in terms of launching things in an internal manner to a tiny group of individuals for now. Meta mentioned it was also going to be aligning with computational giant Microsoft on how they’d like to power a tool like this. However, that would not be the case anymore as they’re not making use of another model from an external source as now everything is in-house.

The news has sparked a lot of interest across the board for such a product as it could really help in boosting the productivity of the workers in the firm. And let’s not forget how it was a long time coming as so many tech giants have opted to arrive on this platform for a while now.

Now the question is for what purpose will it be utilized and how exactly will Meta make the most of this offering for those inside its enterprise.

H/T: Alex Heath

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