Top Influencers On Instagram Accused Of Promoting Highly Addictive Nicotine Products To Youngsters

A new charity report is going public with startling accusations related to Instagram.

Meta’s top social media platform is being blasted for allowing top influencers to promote highly toxic and addictive nicotine products to young audiences.

From nicotine pouches to tiny white bags that users can place below their lips are being marketed by firms such as the British American Tobacco which happens to be a leading tobacco company located around the globe.

It’s actually very interesting as the media outlet Guardian was one of the first to highlight the matter and since the report came out, we saw Meta take immediate action and get rid of the content.

Analysis of a recent marketing campaign conducted by the top tobacco firm BAT showed how it was promoting the products between the months of January through May of 2023. It’s interesting how recent stats proved that more than 25% of the intended audience members happened to be between the ages of 12 to 24 years.

A total of 11 different influencers who put out 48 posts to millions based across the United Kingdom were putting their content out to those below the age of 24.

It’s beyond baffling how so many of these actions arose despite Meta outlaws ads that market the sale as well as usage of nicotine unless it has to do with those products that reduce nicotine consumption. They claim such policies are designed to inhibit tobacco goods, e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and even other products that promote smoking.

A spokesperson from Meta who stood for the Instagram app claims it does not give permission for ads or any type of branded material that markets tobacco types of goods on the app. So many different firms can market these types of products but this happens to be limited to only adults that fall in the age bracket that’s above 18.

One expert says marketing related to such campaigns is insane as anyone that finds tobacco cool and markets it as the best lifestyle is not mentally stable because these products are dangerous.

Other critics claim tobacco firms are continually engaging in this type of behavior while on the contrary, they’re being very hypocritical and promoting their efforts to try and help others quit.

But by the way, things are going, BAT is not being appreciated one bit. It’s making use of DJs, gamers, and more to try and showcase the smoking lifestyle and its nicotine products as one of the best.

Some posts linked to Velo ended up including influencers that put out content under very particular formats like GRWM where stars show how they’re getting ready for a day in their life with nicotine products.

That content is currently no longer present on the app and BAT’s website still promotes oral tobacco as the best thing in the world.

Clearly, Meta has a lot of thinking to do before it’s too late.

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