Instagram Allows Users To Download Reels Posted Publicly On The App To Their Camera Rolls

Social media giant Instagram is finally listening to the requests of thousands with the rollout of a new and anticipated Reels feature.

Meta’s popular app says that it’s giving users the chance to download all reels posted publicly on the platform, directly into their respective camera rolls.

This would give them a whole new means to share content found on Reels. Did we mention how this was a long time coming and had been in the works in the form of trials for so long?

As per instructions provided by the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri (Lia Haberman) who made the announcement public through his channel on Instagram, he says that this feature is getting launched so it could be shared more easily with the masses.

For now, it’s just restricted to users across the US but we’re hopeful to see it coming soon in other places too. To get the respective reel on your camera roll, please just click on the icon that has the Share label situated across it. And then press on the tab that has Download written.

This gives rise to a broader sense of sharing on the platform, and no direct links that enter into a creator’s profile. But what we do know is that such behavior would boost the entire branding process and would have the username included as a part of the clip.

But at the same time, please say hello to some restrictions that this feature comes with. There are people who keep on posting issues related to the audio content on Reels. This might be related to agreements from Meta including some music licensing.

For that, we’ve requested the Instagram platform to give some more clarification on the matter so those excited can be more aware of what to expect and when.

Meanwhile, creators are given the chance to take a step back and remove the option of having their respective content downloaded by others. Therefore, you won’t be seeing every public Reel having the download option by its side. Also, you can’t save content that’s posted privately as it is so options are certainly at limits.

We can well see this as something that’s serving as the ideal pathway for creators to ensure their reach goes the extra mile and attains engagement across the board. This would be right after the initiative taken up by the TikTok app.

This has really allowed so many videos to be downloaded for so long. And the only real type of surprise here is that the platform is taking so long to have such a feature enabled. But when you sit down and analyze the whole scenario, you can see how this was done to keep creators and their content protected from people who would steal their rights and post up something as their own.

Another possibility might be related to the app giving users the chance to download and make use of Instagram’s posts in other places. But whatever the situation might be, this happens to be here right now. So we’re not keen on why it was unveiled before and more keen on when and where it’s going to be released.

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