Top Advocacy Watchdog Urges President Biden To Support New Rules To Curb Harmful AI Use

President Biden is being pressurized by a top advocacy coalition to provide more support for rules that would hinder the massive growing threats related to the world of AI.

The Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue says that so many harmful uses of this technology have been proven and it’s only a matter of time before we see destruction arise before our eyes. For so long, the group says they’ve been busy with the huge harms linked to this behavior and how AI is being used to produce text, pictures, and more.

Harms being outlined include the chance to carry out discrimination and massive invasion of privacy, they continued. They have revealed, time after time, how the world of generative AI is designed in a manner to take in as much data as possible, including personal things that wouldn’t be deleted later on.

They have added how data training on models based on data is not only wrong but biased in design and so discriminatory. And they’re embedded in such a manner in the final result that it makes so much more biased behavior and discrimination that spreads in more ways than one.

The coalition now wants more transparency to arise across the board, followed by greater measures for safety and some clear accountability. They hope more restrictions on using AI can come soon because, without that, things are going to go haywire in more ways than one.

Not putting a clear ban on the use of this form of technology is something they feel can really cost the country later so that’s why they’re stepping up the pressure so the American president can take notice.

Meanwhile, a report recently went public about how generative AI was being utilized and how there were plenty of issues linked to that kind of technology with the right recommendations in place.

The report also talks about how generative AI is being used in many different places and how so many issues are linked to this kind of technology and how there would be recommendations for the policy.

Meanwhile, among so many kinds of disadvantages was a clear set of violations that have to do with a person’s privacy and integrity. In the same way, it’s linked to the establishment of fraud with the spread of misinformation across the board.

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